Tourist complex

concept design

The location of the future tourist complex, located on a hillside, not far from Aranđelovac, a small town in Serbia, offers wonderful views of the settlement itself, as well as Mount Venčac and Mount Bukulja.

One significant characteristic of the location is the fact that the place is sunny throughout the day, also both sunrise and sunset could be observed almost throughout the year.

The forested countryside and uninhabited surroundings are additional qualities of the location and near surroundings.


The proposed concept design of the tourist complex gives, according to the investor's vision and requests, several tourist contents, but the emphasis is on a dome-shaped restaurant in which Arab food will be served per to the national recipes of the complex owners. The restaurant holds 140 seats in total. Most of the seating is organized in groups of four around a simple squared table. All of that can be easily moved aside in order to form a unique space - a dance floor. The dome allows direct and constant visual contact with the outside area so that different weather conditions and events in the outer space become an integral part of the ambiance and overall impression in the restaurant hall. Almost uninterrupted views from east to west will always give guests different and interesting landscape impressions. A magical impression of using the restaurant at night needs no special introduction.


Amenities that accompany the restaurant space include a controlled entry swimming pool area, a playground for children, open space for free activities on the ground during the warm months, as well as organizing day trips and open space launches in the forest area, at ​​the site. All the service facilities that are necessary for the proper functioning of the complex are also present.

One more high comfort offer of the complex is providing easy access to the location and a parking space nearby. Parking space has the capacity that can satisfy proper guest car parking even with the maximum number of guests arriving.

It is also possible to access the pool area directly from the restaurant hall.

Budva, Montenegro  hotel architectural design concept

Budva, Montenegro


site anylisis, conceptual design

Buljarice, Montenegro  hotel  site anylisis, conceptual design architectural design

Buljarice, Montenegro


site anylisis, conceptual design

Stara Planina, Babin Zub, Serbia  mountain hotel and villas architectural design

Stara Planina, Babin Zub, Serbia

mountain hotel and villas

on the location we notice significant movement of the terrain, big height differences on the opposite points (1156m-1310m altitude)  as well as stretching around the entire streak. presence of the ski trail and projected roads additionally determine location of the premises and entire infrastructure on a long area, north of the roads.

main vehicle road through the location is fixed by urban plan of this area by creating one long transport route..

by introducing transport route of the lower range (one way direction) we create the possibility to make a group of four typical premises-villa with complete additional urban content (parking space, commercial activities, pedestrians communications, ski trails…). on this part of location it is not anticipated to have any...