Stara Planina, Babin Zub, Serbia, reception and entrance hall of the mountain hotel


what appeared as the potential problem was a sudden transit from exterior to inner facility space. color scheme, shapes, material and textures which would appear in apartments would be a great shock for the observer stepping in directly from the snow to this kind of space. if we add physical and heat shock than the negative impact is complete. I have seen the solution to this problem in public interior spaces which are the first space we get in touch with on the entrance. one of these kinds of spaces is the main hotel lobby which I created in detail and presented my view as a solution for solving the interior problem from the begging of this story.

for creating non-supporting interior constructions. plastic mass as the material would be used for the interior equipment. parts of the sitting equipment would be covered with leather. drive towards diversity is also applicable in the interior architecture due to full impact and ambient feeling. communications are clear and certain, movements through space are optimal and nuts are avoided as well as the undefined spaces. one thing which draws attention is floor lighting which symbolizes with its shape - skies. visually, this lighting should suggest happenings in the rooms like bars and restaurant, which are out of observers this way we turn the attention of the observer towards the logical straight movement from the main entrance of the hotel towards the elevators and stairs. special visual feeling represents wall headlights which are clear, even aggressive, and guides the observer towards his movement on the public spaces....

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