Belgrade, Serbia architectral design single family home

Belgrade, Serbia

house designed for two (father and daughter) should be able to meet daily requirements of modern life and allow much-needed rest from constant busy city life. It is planned to design this premise for temporary lodging, i.e. weekends, but also to have in mind that this small family should live here from time to time. due to complex requests and needs of the investor, it was obligatory to carefully balance living surfaces in order not to disturb required comfort which is expected from the premises of this kind. It is possible to achieve a high level of comfort since the premise will be built in city suburb which automatically allows various possibilities for quieter life. the location itself with its dimension, shape, and disposition allows a more relaxed functioning solution to the house and its surroundings. without a doubt, it is necessary to use this character entirely. the place provides numerous possibilities for easy living, rest, and fitness, which altogether increase a quality of future usage of this house. the project anticipates casual gatherings of family friends, their vacations and pleasant living in the house as well as organizing parties. the special wish of the investor was to create comfortable and multifunctional space for daily accommodation connected by the porch with the garden. this design entirely meets all requirements and wishes for connecting this space with the outer space. full range of this space can be reflected by merging nature into the design of the house, accompanied by modern lines implemented on the old design which truly reflects the past. the design idea is in the phase of the design project and in the near future it is expected to start with house construction and afterward it is necessary to start with a detailed reconstruction of the front garden. at the same time the complete interior will be recreated and in this way, space interventions shall be finalized. It will result in quality space and ambient in which its residents will enjoy for a long time.