Kucevo, Serbia detailed urban plan

Kucevo, Serbia

plan coverage is a rounded industrial zone with protective greenery towards the river pek. It is planned to complete infrastructure equipment and traffic connection area of the industrial zone with city infrastructure and main traffic routes. the plan area is separated by four different purposes: production and industry, joint venture business, low-density housing and forest park. mixed business is a buffer zone between the housing and manufacturing, while forest park provides protection from the production to the south-western part of the plan.

the development and road and rail transport are also planned. this zone is fully equipped with new city street that runs parallel to the pek river and represents an alternative route to the existing state road that goes nearby. another important thing is the road that stretches all the way to the newly planned bypass state road.

the entire space is planned as an industrial zone. within this zone, there are four different sub-zones: production and industry, joint venture business, low-density housing, greenery with housing.

the area plan is divided into spatial area under prevailing purpose space:

industrial complex. in the central part of the plan, the industrial area is planned and it includes the existing industrial complex „SIK“. in this section, one industrial track is planned. The total of an area is 26,17 ha.

a mixed business. with the planned industry rely on the area with mixed business. within this area, there are individual plots with purpose-housing. area intended for mixed business relies on the planned road. the total area of this sub-zone is 15.23 ha.

housing. in the northwestern part of the site two blocks of low-density housing are formed, mainly on the basis of the existing building. The total of the area is 7.22 ha.

forest park. in the southern and southeastern part of the site, one protective belt of greenery is planned. mainly, it is undeveloped land. within this area, there is a garbage dump.

intention is to import all kinds of greens (high, medium, low) in the whole area of the park-forest. the total of the area is 13.22 ha.


Kucevo, Serbia detailed urban plan


Kucevo, Serbia detailed urban plan

actual zoning

Kucevo, Serbia detailed urban plan