-during the development of graph based solution I was careful about communication differentiation and avoiding the creation of numerous interstations.

so, in this school we have set on planned places, two node points which are visible from almost every position and that is why the orientation in school is very simple. These points are emphasized in the interior (degrading roof surfaces, attractive staircases and water surface).

media room, which is planned to fulfill various functions in different periods of the day, is developed to have entrance from the outside and in this way it is possible to organize work of this facility, while the part of the school is upstairs and also during the time when the school is closed.


special functionality

-music classroom, besides its basic function, offers possibility of organizing various manifestations when it is possible to open the entire classroom space and allow it to become multitask room. Also, it is possible to organize video projections and presentations, when the classroom opens towards the atrium. During this time, part of the wall canvas serves as the projection surface. it is, also possible to watch the projection from the covered terrace up on the upper floor. projector itself if set in the music room and is protected from the atmospheric influence.


-wall canvas "leads through itself" installations for hot air distribution, also has a function for pointing direction and visually divides the space with various basic functions.


-"solar facade” saves energy and provides additional heating for the premises during the cool days. during summer, protects south facade from overheating. additional protection attached for the entire south facade-middle and  crawling plants.


-building outer area is set in the pit and is planned to serve for the painting classes. steel strings hanging above this area can be used as a construction for canvas montage-demontage hotel.


pit solution

-the complexity of school functions and activities, in the premise as well as in the schoolyard, is used for acquiring dynamic space around the school building. numerous types of content, wisely set outside, offer to the youngest users a lot of fun, joy and endless combinations of games and learning activities outside the building. I think that one of the most important factors in the right development of children is a constant influence on their imagination chanelled through the games and learning. suggestion for the school graphic solution precisely offers these possibilities and the only limit is the children’s and teachers imagination...

-communication is clearly set while providing simple usage of the usually difficult activities as well as easy space orientation. dead angles and undefined areas have been avoided. this space was specially and carefully designed when it comes to the security of the children. so, there are no great height differences in the pit, no sharp altitude differences, no sharp corners in the entire space, small objects in the grass, etc...also, vehicle entrance in the area is restricted to the minimum and for the areas where the children don’t reside. area for the youngest children is set deep in the yard and away from the streets...

-we, the adults, know how unpleasant it is for the child coming to school in the morning and they are rarely going to tell you that they are happy about the new school day. I think that is mostly because children know that a cold and totally dull institution is waiting for them where they have to finish a lot of forced obligations set by adults. In these situations, it is difficult for the child to pay attention to the things happening around it since it imagines more beautiful and interesting place for playing.  due to this, our idea is to create a place which would be sort of wonderland for the children, starting from the moment it enters the schoolyard all the way to its school bench, a place which is not supposed to limit child’s imagination but influence it...

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