extensive experience of our collaborators in construction design and execution of both standard and specific facilities gives our team great confidence in the proces of working  we know that what can be imagined, can be established and build, as well. ongoing cooperation and consultation of experts from different fields gives us the opportunity of develop the initial idea properly which leads us to our goal: the object that is actually built.
In addition, our experts are always open for cooperation and consultation on various projects and can be engaged when needed.
please feel free to contact us if you need advice during construction of any kind.


zlatibor karalic - civil engineer

language skills:

fluent french, conversational english



Univercity degree - Graduate Civil Engineer

Faculty of Civil Engineering, Pristina, University in Belgrade


Licence - 410, for Graduate Civil Engineer

Serbian Chamber of Engineers

Chief Contractor of building construction and construction-craft works in high-rise buildings, low-rise buildings and hydraulic construction


http://www.ingkomora.org.rs/eng/?id=indexeng http://www.ingkomora.org.rs/homepages/?l=410724404

list of references


- Construction of building cooler for termal power plants "Kosovo B" Obilic, Serbia. The project was done by the company "Hamon" Paris, 1979.

- Construction of a railway industrial track length of 2 km. fortermal power plants "Kosovo B" Obilic, Serbia. The project was done by the company "Hamon" Paris, 1979.


Participation in the construction of hydro power plant "Djerdap II" Negotin with all project design and building in surroundings, in the cost of the Danube River, with the following Experience:

- Building control of the Romanian contractor. Minor design changes and participation in the power plant design.

- Grain concrete silo capacity of 10,000 tonnes

- The bridge over the Slatina River, prestressed truss, span 33 m

- Designing and building of several pumping stations for water supply

- Designing and building of several marinas on the Danube River

- Designing and building of several highway and settlement roads

- Designing and building of several drainage channels

- Plant for wastewater treatment, capacity for 30,000 inhabitants

- Incubator station

- Administrative building of "Djerdap II"

- Relocation and construction of individual residential houses

for purpose of coastal protection of the Danube River

- Regulation and loading with materials from ship with grits from the the Danube River and the opening of the waterway on the Danube River.


Static calculations and static code analysis - project design

and construction:

- Covering the space range up to 18 m. The system of concrete and steel construction. 

- Many of individual residential buildings up to 600 square meters.

- Calculations for smaller sewage facilities,

- Economic facilities, cow farms, sheep farms...

- Chimney for central settlement heating, height of 25 m

- Calculations for antenna lattice towers

- Calculations for foundations of neighboring buildings

- Calculations for timber roof structures

- Reconstruction, renovation

- Calculation of Billboard stability