London and Cheshire East, UK spatial planning and urban analysis of health care in South West London and Cheshire East, UK. Kingston Borough, SW London, UK.

London and Cheshire East, UK

participating in early stages of spatial planning and urban analysis of health care in South West London and Cheshire East, UK. Some of the data were analyzed in more detail for Kingston Borough, SW London, UK.


Client's feedback:


"Goran successfully delivered three pieces of early stage spatial planning work in UK healthcare. Excellent working experience; very quick response, regular communication, and quick turnaround of amends."

Newark, New Jersey, USA urban design

Newark, New Jersey, USA

A plan was to acquire parcels next adjacent to the current property for expansion. Needed to show which lots will be acquired, a show intended use of a new property for additional parking and a small new construction building.

The new site plan is giving the parking space for 110 big tractor-trailers, 31 trailers, 47 straight trucks, and 87 cars for staff.

the new building along Bergen St. is providing the space for 18 retail stores and one restaurant.


Client's feedback:


"Goran exceeded expectation. He was highly professional and responsive. The work quality was excellent. I almost want to keep him as a secret weapon, but I am happy to let others know how helpful he was to me."

Novi Sad, Serbia  fish market competition urban and architectural design

Novi Sad, Serbia

fish market

the proposed solution is defined by the motor and pedestrian movement. choice of authors is that the motor and stationary traffic are taking place only at the periphery of the treated area, and its central part is reserved for pedestrian movement.With the creation of pedestrian ramps, whole space becomes available to all categories of the population allowing the free approaches. with this kind of approach in resolving the imposed space problems, movement and assembly are made possible on the ground and first level. the authors intend is to achieve homogeneity of the space and its associativity. proposed morphology of space (linear movement...

Razanj, Serbia spatial planning

Razanj, Serbia

legend of razanj settlement tells us about the city back to roman times when this city was called arsena, from the latin word r s e n a l e, literally "a warehouse for storing war equipment", and therefore the settlement was called arsena. also, there is the road remains from the roman times.

although significant archaeological excavations on the territory of ražanj was not carried out, when building houses, digging wells, and so, very interesting archaeological sites comes out which confirm the existence of settlements from BC. these funds that are kept in museums in belgrade and Nis, testify that this area was inhabited in prehistoric times. This is witnessed by many archaeological excavations found in town and numerous exhibits in the neighboring museums.

in the municipality of ražanj, in 2002 there was a population decline compared to 1991, from 13,193 to 11,369, a decrease of 1,824 inhabitants, which means an average annual reduction of 166 inhabitants, which is almost three times more than the decline in the population of the whole district of nish (4.6%), where there has been a decrease in the population of 13,393, the average annual population of 1,218, or 4.6 per 1,000 inhabitants.

due to the intensive migration movements and negative rates prolong increase, the total population is constantly decreasing, and an average decline of the population of municipalities ražanj is one of the municipalities in Nish district with the highest percentage of population decline in serbia.

Coka, Serbia spatial palnning

Coka, Serbia

the territory of the municipality Coka lies in the eastern part of the Pannonian plain, between the river Tisza, Moris, and Zlatica. the territory of the Coka municipality borders with the territories of four municipalities: Novi Knezevac in the north, at the east is Kikinda, and Senta and Ada in the west. Coka municipality consists of eight villages. Coka is the center of the municipality and it is an old settlement. this is confirmed by the remains of material culture dating from the BC period. for this time there are several locations of which the most famous is "Kremenjak". as the archaeological material from the "Kremenjak" is characterized by certain peculiarities, in archeology has introduced the concept of "Coka culture." the old name for the settlement is „Coka“, that is, in Borovsk, personal name, and only later was transformed into...

Kucevo, Serbia detailed urban plan

Kucevo, Serbia

plan coverage is a rounded industrial zone with protective greenery towards the river p

Pek. It is planned to complete infrastructure equipment and traffic connection area of the industrial zone with city infrastructure and main traffic routes. the plan area is separated by four different purposes: production and industry, joint venture business, low-density housing, and forest park. mixed business is a buffer zone between the housing and manufacturing, while forest park provides protection from the production to the south-western part of the plan.

the development and road and rail transport are also planned. this zone is fully equipped with a new city street that runs parallel to the Pek river and represents an alternative route to the existing state road that goes nearby. another important thing is a road that stretches all the way to the newly planned bypass state road.

the entire space is planned...

Mihajlovac, Serbia detailed pln urban planning

Mihajlovac, Serbia

the coverage of the plan is intended for building and they mostly are public land for building. A small part of the land is already built with residential buildings. there are also the following buildings: primary school, post office and a local administration in the same building, sports field as well as infrastructure objects (road, bridge, building embankments, seawall, power station ...). Accordingly, we can say that the total land within the boundaries of the plan is the plot.

Much of the area in the coverage of the plan are undeveloped areas, public construction land and other lands.